The road traffic accident claims portal has now been further complicated; demanding all sorts of extra information to a wholly unnecessary degree of precision. Solicitors are now also required to sign up to a Motor Insurers Bureau users’ agreement and to do a prescribed search relating to their own client before any claim can be submitted.

Given the very low level of fixed fees, I doubt if it even takes a GCSE in economics to understand the stratagem: to provide, in a classical economist’s terms, a ‘barrier to entry’. This is, no doubt, to get solicitors to drop out of making claims and thus make it more difficult for people to claim.  

As usual, in giving control of this system to the insurance industry, decision-makers have shown themselves to be ‘useful idiots’.

We are, however, dealing with a ruling party that has to provide payback to its insurance company donors.

R C W Tilbrook, Tilbrook’s Solicitors, Ongar, Essex