I was admitted as a solicitor in May 1968 and remained in practice for 21 years until I was appointed to judicial office. I then elected to remain on the roll, out of respect for my profession.

Each year, until 2014, I received a letter asking if I wished to remain on the roll. All I had to do was tick a box on the accompanying form, sign it and return it with a cheque for £20. A month or so ago, I received an email telling me that this was now required electronically – and I downloaded a 10-page set of instructions to tell me how to do it. I did not bother, so I received a further email telling me my name had been removed and that I should describe myself as a former solicitor only.

Now, weeks later, I read in the Gazette that the rules have been changed and it is no longer necessary to apply to remain on the roll. I am writing to the Solicitors Regulation Authority asking to be restored to the roll without the formality of an application.

JM Griffiths, District judge (retired), address supplied