In the new personal injury claims environment we all have to play by the new rules.

The trouble is that there are many firms which are not. I have seen adverts on the internet offering, without qualification, ‘100% compensation’, but when the firm in question is called the offer is not available for the type of claim enquired about.

One other marketing idea seems to be offering ‘£1,500 up front’, but which is then subject to liability, attendance at a medical, agreeing specials and so on, in fact until the claim is pretty much on the cusp of settling. At which point you are told that it is not worth bothering with now, as the case is about to settle and ‘you will get your cheque in a few weeks anyway’.

I feel like we are playing on an uneven pitch here, with all these spurious claims and inducements. I have made it my weekly task to enquire of two of these types of firms every week to see if they actually provide what they advertise. Once identified I have made a complaint to the SRA and/or Advertising Standards Authority, and I have had success in two cases, getting the advertising changed so that the reference to ‘100% compensation’ has been removed.

I would I urge all COLPs and managing partners out there to do the same.

Dominic Moss , Stonehewer Moss, Northwich