Thank you for a good belly laugh (‘Firms urged to embrace new era for civil claims ’). The Salford claims centre wants us all to use a direct debit service and, we are told, we are old-fashioned if we do not.

In support of its argument that this is a good and safe way for us to deal with payment of fees, it tells us that complaints are down to 60 per month. Wow! That is only 720 per year! Outstanding service. Well done. Give yourselves a big pat on the back.  

Why don’t we extend this novel and radical approach to other areas of the public sector? How about driving. Instead of having people pay for driving lessons and making them pass that silly old test, we just tell them to get on with it. Eventually, if we are patient enough, new drivers will get better at it and stop killing people – no problem.

When the number of pedestrians killed per mile reaches an acceptable level (probably determined by a select committee) we can give them all Ferraris to celebrate their achievement.

Talk about putting a positive spin on matters. The 60 complaints per month figure ignores the fact that most people who receive poor service simply shrug their shoulders on the basis that, since this is the Salford centre we are talking about, what can one expect? I have yet to speak to anyone who is satisfied with Salford.

It says its service is improving.

Should we not always have had a good service?

With the greatest respect to Mr Huddleston, until I am satisfied that Salford can be trusted with something as technologically advanced as electronic money transfer, I think I’ll stay rooted in the 20th century. At least I can stop a cheque.

Howard Shelley, QualitySolicitors CMHT, Walsall

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