Moreover, in attempting to complete the data input this morning on the SRA pages, I got an error message.  Stupidly, perhaps, I expected to have to enter the data once – as we have in previous years.  Not now.  The SRA requires me (and the rest of the profession) to go through the process of answering 17 questions (plus sub-parts) on three separate occasions: once for partners; then again for other fee-earners; and then a third time for HR and support staff.

The last time I completed SRA diversity data we were able to enter all of the data in one ‘pass’ through the ‘forms’.

The entering of data on the same form three times does not, in my no doubt old-fashioned view, represent progress. And how is this relevant to a small firm such as mine?

Keith M Lewin, Partner, Brunswicks Solicitors, Birkenhead