I have just been reading ‘Five Tips for saying what you do’ in the Gazette (8 October). Although it is quite a long time since I have done any criminal work, my own answer to the eternal question ‘How can you represent someone when you think they are guilty?’ is that I make judgements on what I know, not what I think. And I would only know if someone has committed a crime if I was there at the time. 

One could go further and say if I was there at the time and could read someone’s mind. I’m not sure if I can quite believe that Anthony Edwards doesn’t have any feelings, although I know what he means. You might like this story about a doctor and a solicitor who meet at a party. The doctor said to the solicitor: ‘Do people keep coming up to you at parties and asking for your professional advice, and how do you deal with it?’. The solicitor replied: ‘Oh, I just send them a bill.’ The next morning the doctor opens his post…

Neil McCormick
Frome, Somerset