Member of the legal profession? Check! Middle class? Check! Blob? Well, I am a little overweight but ‘blob’ is a little strong.

Since when has it been the job of a politician to make grossly offensive personal attacks upon citizens of this country whom she is supposed to represent (‘Legal “blob”: ex-lord chancellor attacks professionals’, 1 March)? Am I not a citizen? Someone should remind Ms Truss that it is one of the hallmarks of authoritarian governments to attack the judiciary and the lawyers.

Ms Truss is a member of the cabinet as chief secretary of the Treasury and we should assume therefore she speaks for the government. She has already endorsed (by prevarication) an accusation that the judges of the Supreme Court are the ‘enemies of the state’ and now stigmatises lawyers as obstructive ‘blobs’.

I am personally offended that a government minister I have never met should talk about me in such language and would, if I thought it would make any difference, demand an apology.

J Howard Shelley, Bilston, West Midlands