From 23-25 June, the European Young Bar Association held its summer conference and AGM in Dusseldorf, Germany. Meanwhile, the UK voted in a referendum on membership of the EU.

Needless to say, for the UK delegation of 12 at the conference, there were two main concerns: what would be the result of the referendum and how would our European colleagues perceive them?

Following the referendum’s result, the AGM was an emotional time, not only for the board but also for our members across the globe as a sense of disbelief overcame us. Many questions were raised, in particular with regard to the potential implications that Brexit would have for the UK’s legal sector and the country as a whole.

Over the past 23 years, UK members have had an important role to play in the EYBA, from executive officers to presidents. Despite the referendum’s result, the commitment of our UK membership to the EYBA is obvious, with four UK members joining the board: Julie-Ann McCaffrey (Northern Ireland), vice-president; Hekim Hannan (England), treasurer; and Elin Dukes (England) and Scott Lo (England) as executive officers.

As we await further developments, we would like to confirm to our membership the new board’s commitment to working alongside our colleagues across Europe and from further afield.

Daniela Raquel Alves Valdez, president, European Young Bar Association