Tahsin Arabi explores the transforming legal landscape thanks to the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence. Find out how leading law firms like Irwin Mitchell are utilising innovative legal technology tools, like Lexis+ AI, to pioneer this technological revolution (sponsored content)

The legal industry is on the brink of a technological revolution. Lawyers and law firm leaders are watching this change unfold daily. One of the largest general practice law firms in the UK, Irwin Mitchell has announced that they plan to integrate Lexis+ AI into their operations. It is clear the time to act is now.

Tahsin Arabi

Tahsin Arabi,  Marketing Insights Manager

Generative AI in the law

Generative AI, (GenAI) a subset of AI technology, is the driver of this change. Its ability to generate text, summarise information, and provide insights has sparked considerable interest across various industries, including law. The reason for the rising popularity of GenAI is clear. This cutting-edge technology reduces time and costs by simplifying legal research and drafting. With less time spent on complex and laborious research tasks, legal professionals can focus on what really matters to their clients. Lawyers can dedicate more time to nurturing client relationships and understanding their needs.

The legal industry is typically conservative in its ways of working. It still follows decades-old processes. However, the winds of change are gathering pace. Some forward-thinking law firms, such as Irwin Mitchell have realised that to remain relevant and effective in an increasingly digital world, there is an urgent need to stay ahead of technological advancements.

Introducing Lexis+ AI

At the centre of this transformation is Lexis+ AI. This groundbreaking technology aims to redefine how legal professionals conduct their work. Lexis+ AI has been designed to deliver accurate, linked citations to the underlying source or authority in seconds. With features such as conversational search, enhanced summarisation, generative document drafting, and document upload to extract key insights in moments, Lexis+ AI boosts efficiency, cost and time savings.

Lexis+ AI is recognised as one of the most comprehensive legal AI solutions on the market. This feat has been achieved by a team of over 2,000 technologists, data scientists, and subject matter experts, dedicated to its development and testing.

Eleanor Windsor, Partner, Director of Knowledge Management, at Irwin Mitchell, comments, “We selected Lexis+ AI as it is the most advanced legally trained AI solution on the market. It will enable us to maximise the value of the legal intelligence we already access from LexisNexis.”

Technological innovation is fundamental to Irwin Mitchell’s strategy for providing a market-leading client experience. Introducing Lexis+ AI into their existing systems will bring unrivalled speed and efficiency to their legal workflow.

Embracing change

As the legal industry continues to evolve, Irwin Mitchell sets a compelling example for others to follow. By welcoming Lexis+ AI, they recognise the increasing need to adapt to technological advancements. Ultimately securing a place as a leading law firm of the future.

“We’re delighted to be supporting Irwin Mitchell’s innovation strategy. The firm offers a superb example of how merging cutting-edge technology with legal insight and human know-how can bring real value to clients and their lawyers,” said Gerry Duffy, Managing Director, LexisNexis UK & Ireland. “For all businesses, embracing new technology can be challenging. But doing so is essential and AI opens a wealth of potential.” By embracing Lexis+ AI, law leaders are breaking away from tradition and positioning themselves ahead of legal innovation.

As described by McKinsey, the shift towards GenAI reflects a broader recognition of the need to adapt to the 4th revolution. As firms increasingly regard new technology as their top strategic priority, Lexis+ AI is leading this transformation in the legal sector. LexisNexis are proud to be steering this digital change, by pioneering a powerful, secure, and efficient solution. Delivering the first legal AI tool of its kind, that promises to reshape the future of legal work. Irwin Mitchell is paving the way for a new era of legal practise by integrating Lexis+ AI into their legal workflow.

Find out more about Lexis+ AI and how it can revolutionise your legal practice today.


Tahsin Arabi, Marketing Insights Manager


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