Who? Sheroze Nadeem, an associate in the commercial litigation team at Forbes Solicitors, central Lancashire.

Why is he in the news? The firm was appointed by the Ruskin Museum in 2022 to help return Donald Campbell’s record-breaking Bluebird K7 hydroplane to Coniston following a legal dispute over ownership. Under the firm’s supervision, the Bluebird K7 arrived back at the museum this month.

Thoughts on the case: ‘It was clear from the outset that the rightful return of the Bluebird K7 was a matter of British heritage and legacy. With my colleague Stephen McArdle, head of commercial litigation, we formalised a strategy. Like any piece of litigation it took its natural course with obstacles along the way. The result was a settlement that returned the Bluebird K7 to its spiritual home of Coniston.

‘The case was unique, given the historical background. It was an honour to be involved and achieve an outcome sooner than anticipated by our clients and quite early on in terms of the court timeline.’

Dealing with the media: ‘We deliberately did not come to the forefront when instructed, despite being the law firm that issued the proceedings and set out the approach. We felt it was already a matter that had substantial media interest and saw no benefit from engaging with the media on this matter, instead allowing the result to speak for itself. With litigation, the approach of “less is more” can often have a much better result. This was the case here. There was a lot being said across social media by the defendants. As we focused on the matter and its merits, we weren’t distracted or drawn into discussion with the media.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘Having been exposed to a business environment from a very young age, I understand and appreciate the importance of quality legal advice when scaling any project. I felt that law would allow me to balance an understanding of the challenges faced by organisations and supporting them in overcoming any difficulties.’

Career high: ‘The satisfaction of achieving a positive outcome that, for the client, may have seemed impossible.’

Career low: ‘Qualifying during the pandemic when there was a volatile job market. That being said, if it weren’t for the “tough” days, I wouldn’t have developed into the lawyer I am today and acting on matters that gain international coverage and, more importantly, being able to provide trusted legal advice.’