Who? Lawrence Davies, 47, human rights solicitor and director at London firm Equal Justice Solicitors.

Why is he in the news? Acting for Bridget Harris, a former special adviser to Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, and Alison Goldsworthy, who claim that Lib Dem peer and former chief executive Lord Rennard sexually harassed them.

Davies is also acting pro bono for a number of other individuals who allege inappropriate treatment at the peer’s hands.

The claims have split the party over the appropriate response, with Lord Rennard’s membership suspended and some parliamentarians warning that the case is tearing the party apart.

The party’s inquiry into the allegations set the criminal, rather than the civil, burden of proof, and found insufficient grounds for disciplinary action against the peer. However, the inquiry recommended that Lord Rennard apologise for any inadvertent offence caused.

He has so far refused to do so, and denies the allegations.

Thoughts on the case: ‘All political parties use the criminal burden of proof in their disciplinary procedures. The burden was designed to protect the membership and reputation of the party. It is the 21st century and time to amend the rules.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘To challenge the abuse of power by helping victims achieve justice.’

Career high: ‘Acting in 2007/08 for Nevres Kemal, the whistleblowing social worker who warned the government of alleged failings in child protection at Haringey Council six months before the death of 17-month-old Baby P. The action forced the government formally to investigate the council.’

Career low: ‘Every time I lose a case.’