Magic circle firm Linklaters has reported a widening overall gender pay gap, with female employees and partners earning an average of 62.6% less than men at the firm.

According to Linklaters’ annual report, the mean gender pay gap for employees and partners is now 62.6%, up from 61.1% last year. The median also increased, from 37% to 39.1%.

However the mean gender pay gap for employees alone shrank, from 20.8% to 19.5%, and the firm achieved a 50/50 split between men and women in the top pay quartile. Women still represent 75% of the lowest pay quartile, however.

On bonuses, the report reveals a mean gender pay gap 47.4%, down from 55.3% last year.

The report states: ‘Our mean and median gender pay gap for the whole firm, including partners, remains relatively unchanged. While our firm-wide pay gap remains relatively large, the pay gap within each quartile is significantly lower and in some cases either zero or marginally positive, reaffirming our commitment to providing fair and competitive rewards to all our people.’

It adds: ‘The most significant cause of our gender pay gap remains unchanged and reflects the composition of our workforce. We have more men in the most senior roles and a higher proportion of women in secretarial and junior business team roles, which predominantly fall within our lowest pay quartile.’

Linklaters also published an ethnicity pay gap of 32.9% (including equity partners). Black, Asian and minority ethnic solicitors make up 14% of the firm’s highest earners.