Peter Glover

  • Judges

    Beleaguered bench

    24 April 2017

    As a judge I witnessed the complete breakdown of relations between executive and judiciary. How did we get here and what can be done?

  • Peterglover

    Twenty years as a district judge


    What changes have impacted on access to justice over the past two decades? We hear first-hand from a judge in the county court.

  • Enforcement

    Family court money orders

    1 February 2016

    FPR 33 leaves district judges in a challenging position.

  • Opinion

    LiPs do cause delays

    26 October 2015

    Most district judges have doubled time estimates to deal with LiPs – Natalie Ceeney would know this if she had bothered to talk to us.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Counting the costs of Mitchell

    13 January 2014

    We consider whether the Mitchell costs decision is so draconian that it will drive practitioners out of civil litigation.

  • News

    More litigants in person will threaten the county courts with additional delays


    The House of Commons’ justice committee, chaired by Sir Alan Beith MP, predicts an increasing number of litigants in person by reason of the government’s curtailment of legal aid. We are told courts must make ‘adjustments’ to cope with this influx ‘in what are often emotionally charged cases’.