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Joe egan

Managing the risk: protecting your clients

18 September 2017By

Protection of clients’ sensitive information is essential for solicitors working in the modern world, and managing cybersecurity threats is a vital part of this procedure

Cybersecurity & GDPR feature


GDPR, Cybersecurity and the ‘myth’ of massive fines

18 September 2017By

By Timothy Hill, technology policy adviser, Law Society

Annabel Berry, Sapphire

Annabel berry

What are my risks?

18 September 2017By

Annabel Berry, CEO, Sapphire, explains that having real visibility is key to addressing risk in order to gain a forward-looking view of the vulnerabilities and threats to the legal sector

Peter Wright, DigitalLaw UK

Peter wright v2

How do I establish network security?

18 September 2017By

How can organisations try to reduce risk? The following ten areas should form the foundation of any network security plan.

Bharat Mistry, Trend Micro

Bharat mistry

How do I prevent ‘malware’?

18 September 2017By

The Fightback Begins: How to keep Malware off your systems by Bharat Mistry, Principal Security Strategist, Trend MicroTM

Paul Colwell, CyberGuard Technologies

Paul colwell

How do I maintain security?

18 September 2017By

In tackling the question of ‘How  can solicitors maintain security?’ I did a Google search and found an interesting article by one of our partners, Carbon Black, talking about the criminal equation. Why do criminals carry out crimes? In reality it’s a simple cost benefit equation.

Stephen Ridley, Hiscox UK & Ireland

Stephen ridley

How do I insure my business against cyber threat?

18 September 2017By

The basic precautions every legal firm should adopt to help prevent a successful cyber-attack and what to look for when buying insurance by Stephen Ridley, Senior Development Underwriter and Product Head, Hiscox UK & Ireland

Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd

Amar singh

How do I cope with a cybersecurity breach?

18 September 2017By

Building a Cyber Resilient Business by Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd

Mark Gilbert, tmgroup

Mark gilbert

How do I educate users?

18 September 2017By

Mark Gilbert, Chief Technology Officer at tmgroup, explains the practical steps you can take to build awareness of cyber crime and fraud in your law firm.

John Michael, iStorage

John michael

How do I control ‘removable media’?

18 September 2017By

John Michael, CEO of iStorage discusses the importance of controlling removable media

Timothy Hill, Law Society

Tim hill landscape

How should I manage access to our systems?

18 September 2017By

When it comes to managing access, thinking about access as a privilege is a good place to start. Your staff, your suppliers and your customers should feel that they are getting privileged ‘backstage’ access to your systems.


cyber security 200x133

Cybersecurity glossary of terms

18 September 2017

Antivirus - Software that is designed to detect, stop and remove viruses.

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