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You say "One of the changes was that chancel repair liability lost its status as an overriding interest on 12 October 2013, though it continues to be classified as an interest in land".

Sorry to disagree, but nowhere in the 2002 Act does it say that chancel repair liability is an interest in land. The judges have consistently said that it is not a 'charge' on land, using the term in a wide sense, which would obviously include rights that can be registered under the Land Charges Acts as well as overriding interests. No judge has ever said that chancel repair liability should be regarded as an interest in land.
The Chancel Repairs Act 1932 has not been amended to provide that the rights of PCCs are not enforceable unless a notice was registered against the title before the registered proprietor purchased, or if he purchased before 13.10.13.
This is just an assumption that has been made. You cannot claim that CRL is "still classified as an interest in land" without saying by whom it is classified as such, and why. It is quite unlike any recognised interest in land as the PCC has no rights that affect the land. I note the argument used that it wsa classified as an interest in land in 1925 property legislation, but that is wrong/irrelevant for two reasons - firstly, an overriding interest is not necessarily an interest in land. For example the rights of any person in actual occupation of land may have been just a licence to occupy. Secondly in 1925 "tithe rentcharge" was included in section 1(2)(d) of the Law of Property Act 1925 along with land tax as a charge on land not created by an instrument.

Chancel repair liability was an interest in land because tithe rentcharge was a charge on land and the CRL was attached to and charged on the tithe rentcharge. That situation changed in 1936 with the passing of the Tithe Act and the words "tithe rentcharge" were removed from the LPA and so CRL ceased to be an interest in land.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs and the Land Registry wrongly assumed that CRL was an interest in land in 2002 and passed the 2003 Order making it an overriding interest until 12 October 2013 when it ceased to be an overriding interest and had already ceased to be an interest in land. .

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