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All this guff about whiplash being almost 'made up' makes me so cross. I've acted for so many people over many years who are genuinely creased up with pain, some after what will no doubt be categorised as LVI. I've even BEEN in an LVI where I was stopped at a junction and hit from behind quite slowly. I was jerked in my seat, my neck started burning and tingling and hey presto! - I found myself in A&E begging for painkillers and unable to straighten out. If the insurers get their way as hinted in the article, if that happened to me again presumably I would be labelled a fraud and not compensated. I'm losing all pride and joy in my profession as every day I feel like we're attacked from all quarters and are being held out as social pariahs. You know that 'Officer of the Court' and being an upstanding citizen thing you were so proud of when you qualified? Yep, seems to mean nothing to anybody any more as so far as most people are concerned we're like reverse Robin Hoods filling our fat cat coffers on the back of people's suffering.

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