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Without wanting to sound like a troll. This might not be a bad idea. Instead of blindly racking up CPD points that may or may not be relevant to the law you actually need to be sharp on, this might make us stop and actually ask ourselves whether we feel confident in our confidence levels.
In the same way that we ask ourselves if we are competent to take on a matter that might be outside our usual field, we will have to ask ourselves if we are keeping up with developments, confident that we understand the law we are working with, and running our businesses well.
This questionnaire might just force us to be a little more self aware. I for one am quite conscious of the fact that there are certain aspects of my working life that are going very well, and other areas where I need to improve.
Self certification is more about getting people to take a look at themselves rather than some Orwellian 'evidence' of competence.
I for one am relieved that I can stop mindlessly looking at the CPD counter and simply develop my professional skills when and how I see fit to stay up to speed.

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