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If it wasn't so alarmingly sinister in its implications for both clients and true professionals, it would be laughable. I keep trying to make sure it's not actually 1 April and really is just a joke...but no matter how many times I check, it keeps being Friday 13 March - damn it!

Surely all that would have been required instead of the arbitrary requirement 16 CPD points was to have 16 RELEVANT CPD points with a solicitor declaring its areas of practice each year. Would that not make more sense? (The Bar do something similar I think). I know some people complain that training is expensive but that it hardly an excuse not to keep yourself up to date and you who do complain about that, whoever you are, may be the reason for this ridiculous turn of events! So thanks for that!

The really competent practitioner is more likely to question their competence than the truly incompetent who is too incompetent to know they are incompetent.

Is a mistake a real indication of incompetence? I would certainly say not - show me a solicitor who has been in practice for more than a year (or less) who has never made a mistake and I will show you a liar...or someone who is too incompetent to know they've made mistake, of course …

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