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Paul is right .Despite post legal services act (Act) realities, his law firm continues to thrive, notwithstanding the contradictions, internal inconsistencies and collateral damage to solicitors flowing from the Act.

The point is where do we go from here?

Personally I would prefer to be part of a profession rather than a legal services association. Being ethical is the primary mark of quality, which differentiates us from the pretenders trying to confuse an already confused and cynical public.

How do we, to use the language of J S Mill, shatter the compact mass of public prejudice?

We take the lead in evolving the concept of "21st Century professionalism". By this I mean we promote to the domestic and business communities, the virtues of ethical behaviors being embedded in business practice, and the other numerous activities affected and regulated by law.

Solicitors as a sectoral interest, need to take the front foot in defining their future role Susskind notwithstanding.

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