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A few years back I worked for a firm that went of business- took the pre-pack option and the 4 'directors' are still in IVAs. A previously well regarded firm of over 40 years standing until it decided to go 'commercial'- incorporated and all the usual BS marketing speak that went with it, daily income meetings, property/conveyancing became 'Real Estate' etc. Brought in a CEO with no legal background whatsoever (apparently he was good at 'networking' and as it turned out had lied about his academic qualifications which nobody checked) but I will always remember him saying 'It's a numbers game.' It is a people 'game'. Went bust a few months later but thankfully most of us had jumped ship by then- nearly £850k in debt including unpaid salaries to staff. A truly dreadful experience of what happens when a firm loses sight of its reason to exist and starts treating people like numbers.

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