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We solicitors have to take a long hard look in the mirror and realise that by supporting such firms we have killed the 'goose that laid the golden egg' . As we all scrabble around to change our service offerings and overhaul our business models it would be at least of some comfort to see these outfits forced out of business by the current proposed changes. Sadly however, I fear that all that will happened is that they will indeed 'fill the vacuum' left by PI solicitors (despite what the MOJ says) and we will be left in this strangely ironic situation where the poacher has turned gamekeeper and the intended consequences of the reforms are thwarted by aggressive, lightly regulated marketing activities of these non professional companies. The consequences for claimant consumers are almost too dire to contemplate.

If we had rejected such claims marketing companies from day one (as many of us pleaded with the LS to do at the time, by way of a ban) then I suspect many of the of the negative changes to the PI landscape that have come in over the last 15 years would never have happened. It is just all very sad.

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