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Well lets hope that David Lammy's review is truly dispassionate and objective! What is it about Mr Lammy that No.10 thinks best qualifies him for the job? Will the review look at cultural attitudes within the black communities, including the attitude to work, education and authority together with the propensity, as a % of population, for gun, knife and drug crime within those communities?
It is a very complex issue which as usual has been reduced to a sound bite. I just hope that the review will not be conducted in the same narrow, insular and simplistic way that the announcement suggests.
To me it looks suspiciously like No.10 trying to come up with an idea to balance the justified decision not to throw open the doors to all the migrants in creation as the BBC et al would have us do, and to deflect accusations of being unsympathetic to non-whites.
I think Mr Lammy has been asked to square the circle. Lets see if he can do it. I have my doubts.

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