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Anon @ 08.22 you clearly have no experience of policing the streets of Britain. You should try it before accusing those of us who have of being lazy bigots.
Anon @ 4.07; any reasonable analysis of the BBC coverage of the migrant crisis will see that Fergal Keane, John McGuire and others only report the migrants' side of the issue, focussing upon their plight. At no time do they discuss or try to balance their reports with a proper consideration of the impact on the existing resident population of Britain were these migrants to be allowed in, particularly at a time of year on year withdrawal of public funding for all the services the migrants will need and want to access or will impact upon - housing, health, schools, employment, benefits [in or out of work], police, fire, social services etc.
The overtly sentimental thrust of these reports was again reflected in the call for 3,000 'lone' children to be brought here for adoption. Anyone who thinks that all or most of these thousands of small children have made the journey across Europe unaided and unsupervised is naive beyond comprehension. And if they are to be brought here from anywhere and fast tracked for adopted, that simply pushes back down the list 3,000 of our own children who are already waiting to be adopted. What does that say to them? That in the opinion of politicians, media and public, their lives are less valuable than that of some unknown child from another country with a pretty face and doleful eyes. As someone who was ejected from home as a teenager and has known homelessness, believe me, these attitudes are nauseating in their sentimental insincerity and transparency.
And no my mask has not slipped, it was never there. I am entitled to hold my views which may differ from yours, but that does not make them any less relevant or valued nor that they resonate less powerfully than your own.

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