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Oh absolutely. We're fast-forwarding a bit with Lloyd George's career, but his September 1936 meetings with Hitler are a subject of enduring fascination. There’s more to it than an old man, long out of office, succumbing to flattery. Both had their motives for peddling a ‘stab in the back’ narrative of Germany’s collapse in 1918 (LG was writing his war memoirs at the time). More seriously, LG was certainly taken in by aspects of the National Socialist programme; autobahns, agricultural development, full employment. Of course he wasn’t alone in that, and perhaps he didn’t make quite such an ass of himself as did others like Labour’s George Lansbury, pathetically asking the Fuhrer for some words of assurance for his Jewish constituents.
Lloyd George, right in so many things, got Hitler wrong. Churchill, wrong in so many things, got Hitler right. Worth remembering that, every single day.

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