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Obviously I have stirred up some of the swivel eyed. The inane comments are rather amusing and show the degree of ignorance or prejudice that is regrettably rampant in the UK. The fact that I have lived and worked in Belgium hardly shows that I am spiritually dead. Clearly the silly commentator below has never heard of the many extraordinary individuals who have lived in the region called Belgium since the establishment of that country by the UK (Memling, Erasmus, Van Eyck, van Deck, Petrus Christus, Magritte, Ensor, Delvaux, Ernest Solvay, Victor Horta, Plantin-Moretus etc), a country which is the home to wonderful music (Collegium Vocale, La Petite Bande, Ricercar), the best chocolate, frites, lace, endowed with magnificent cathedrals and public buildings (those not destroyed by war), a brave country whose King refused a 1914 ultimatum to pass through his country to attack war and hence exposed his country to overwhelming force. I could go on and on. This country has very many faults indeed and there are many things that drive me spare, but it doesn't deserve thoughtless or ignorant insults. As regards the equal silly comments about "my career", I have an obligation to do what I can to continue to work here and assist my clients post BREXIT and give advice to, or counsel, those (whether UK citizens or not) whose lives and careers have been damaged by the likely outcomes of BREXIT. I am not causing any harm to anyone by the choices forced upon me by others. I am sad for my country and the poisonous atmosphere the referendum has generated. It is for that reason that, regrettably, I have no plans to return to live in the UK as things are. Maybe things will change, but with the swivel eyed or those those almost similarly afflicted I very much doubt it.

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