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So, as I suspected then, Belgium has created nothing of importance, apart from some quite pleasant chocolate. And, I object to people putting words in my mouth: I did not criticise the writer for living and working in Belgium. That is his choice, for whatever it is worth. My criticism is of someone who fails to understand that Brussels pales into insignificance when compared to London, culturally, financially, or in any other manner of comparison. Nobody of intelligence could suggest otherwise....
Incidentally, I am sorry to say that I have never heard of any of those musicians either, but I rather expect that the world will hold The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, The Who, Queen, Coldplay and countless others closer their hearts when the dust settles, and the failed greater Europe experiment implodes, as it undoubtedly will. I did not mention Brexit either, nor did I say I was a supporter of it, but the ignorance and conceit of those in Brussels (and elsewhere) who thought they could control the European population, without being democratically accountable, never ceases to amaze me...
But abandoning one's country to grasp hopefully at the teat of that failed experiment, and then advertising in a deliberately offensive manner does not impress me much either.

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