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An interesting post, Richard. But cannot the Remaindermen also be asked the same two questions you pose in your final paragraph? Can anyone demonstrate that staying in the EU would be to UK's ultimate net benefit? And secondly, does anyone have any plans in place to deal with the risks which being in EU entails, militarily, economically and politically?

To date whilst the pound sterling has fallen sharply, although recovering somewhat latterly against the Euro at least, the stock market has risen sharply both the FTSE 100 (over 7,000 again this week) and the 250 indicating confidence in UK internationally and generally. Employment falls every month. EU nationals presently here are rushing to secure the right to remain permanently. In general the UK economy is doing well. But take France, it has become a basket case. Unemployment officially is over 10%, unofficially it is recognised as being far worse than that. Greece is hopelessly insolvent. An Italian bank is having to be baled out. Deutsche Bank has only just avoided a similar fate. Christine Lagarde has just been convicted of criminal negligence. Cuzac, the former French finance minister, is banged up in jail. Strauss Kahn just got away bey the skin of his teeth.

The only three countries in the EU with a military presence worth talking about are Germany, France and UK, the rest are little more than heavily armed police forces. De Gaulle kicked the Americans out of France in the 1960s. Draghi and the ECB have been printing Euros at the rate of 80bn/month. That is economic madness as the Germans saw in the 1920s and 1930s. Hollande has the lowest presidential popularity rating ever recorded and is the first president not to stand for reelection.

To my mind staying in the EU is rather like someone who is sitting in his cabin on the Titanic with all his worldly possessions in his two suitcases on his way to a new life in USA. "I don't care if it has hit an iceberg and is sinking, I have staked my whole life on this venture and if I lose my two suitcases I shall lose everything. I'm staying here."

EU is like the Titanic. It is sinking slowly but surely into a sea of corruption, money printing, external and internal insecurity, political extremism on right and left, religious fanaticism, racial hatred and is costing us a fortune to belong to. It is severely holed below the waterline. It cannot be saved. We must get in the lifeboat of Article 50 as soon as possible. If we do not we shall all be lost in the economic and political meltdown which will end in WW3. HMG does have a plan, but it would be madness to tell us, and thereby the rest of the EU, what it is. That was precisely the mistake David Cameron made. He said he would only settle for four concessions. They sent him back with 2 1/2 and that is in large part why we are where we are now. We just have to make the best of it. And anyway not having a plan, were that the case, could be the best plan of all. Deal with everything on a piecemeal basis.

EU needs us far more than we need them. They know it and HMG knows it. "Don't panic, keep calm and carry on."

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