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Quite, Mike. What I am finding is, firstly, the lack of factual evidence in Remaindermen's posts. Then there is their failure to say what our fate would be were we to remain in the EU, largely I suggest because either they don't know, plus it will be like our becoming an economic desert such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal or Greece.

As an example of the evidence for leaving, the front page of today's Shropshire Star reads in part as follows " 'Exports Booming After Brexit Vote'. Export orders are pouring in as Shropshire firms cash in on the post-Brexit fall in the pound"

People have been complaining that we have moved from a predominantly manufacturing economy to a largely service one. But one benefit of this is that a fall in the value of the pound makes us more attractive to do business with. It will also make locally produced food and fuel less expensive than that which is imported. And we could just start building our own ambulances, fire engines and railway rolling stock again.

We might also just get our fishing fleet back...and end the absurdity that is 'set aside'.

These inconvenient facts are not addressed by the remaindermen. They just hurl insults at those who have had enough of rule from Brussels, ... or is it Strasbourg this week?

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