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On the specific point, Mr Fearnley, of £350m/week being 'available for the NHS', I understood this to refer to the fact that we pay £350m/week, gross, into the EU. We may get £150m back, but that is hypothecated for various specific uses, not including the NHS. When we leave we shall no longer have to pay, well eventually anyway, £350m and so we shall be able to do with that what we want. And if we decide to spend it on the NHS we shall, eventually, be free to do so. Consequently I personally fail to see anything wrong in saying £350m will 'become available to spend on NHS' if that is what we do decide where to spend it. We are hobbled from doing that while we remain a member of EU.

And BTW I do resent seeing our ambulances all being Mercedes, our police cars being BMWs and Volvos, our new fire engine being a Volvo, etc etc. When I was a lad our fire engines were all made by Dennis in Guildford and our ambulances by Bedford, thus ensuring that out tax payers money was spent here and not paying the salaries of the workers in Stuttgart, Munich, or wherever.

As for the Stock Market FTSE 100 rises these are in good part due to the fall in the value of the £Sterling since 23 June. While this does not benefit those who import goods from abroad, we are now largely a service based economy as opposed to a manufacturing one. Our services have, therefore, suddenly become 15% cheaper to foreigner buyers. Tourism, financial services, insurance, legal services, even UK wine, are suddenly a whole lot more attractive to people from abroad. 'What's not to like about that?' as my children would ask. Will that change in the next two years? I hope not, but what we need to ensure is that our essentials, food and energy, can be generated from within.

As i put my daughter on the train from here yesterday, I noticed that Arriva Trains Wales is owned by Deutsche Bahn. Let's just hope we can spend the next two years learning how to run our own transport systems, the wreckers in Unite notwithstanding.

Happy New Year!

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