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Is not the problem that in essence the EU is a legal entity ( though sold to us as a financial one ) and whilst it may be interesting for lawyers to debate the legal implications the ordinary voter could not care less and indeed why should he or she? One reason rational debate is so difficult is that so much is down to emotion. It is notable that not a single Remainer on this site has addressed the serious issue of the single currency still less the flaws in the project highlighted by the experts I mentioned. Is it too much to ask that the fantasy of a successful single currency be questioned? Similarly with Schengen. How many more terrorists have got to be allowed to wander around mainland Europe at will before borders are tightened up or is that too "swivel eyed" and "xenophobic" to be contemplated? A vote to Remain was not for the status quo but to stay in an ever increasingly dysfunctional chaotic and hypocritical shambles as just evidenced by the latest revelation about Juncker and his opposition to EU steps against tax avoidance.

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