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Nicely put if I may say so. It does all boil down to what is in Britain's interests long term. To the Remainers who cannot understand the apparent lack of a Leavers' plan I would pose this question. Putting aside those who leave a marriage for another, would you expect a divorce client to have a clear long term detailed plan for life? Probably not, and in answer to such a (hypothetically put) question the client would express a range of hopes and aspirations based on more self -determination but with perhaps less money in the immediate future. Perhaps he or she would also rekindle old friendships, make new friends and develop new skills. In short, just do their best and branch out.No-one of course is married at birth or as a young child and this is where the analogy fails as many have no experience of life in Britain before the EU. Those of us who are old enough to remember that are accused of wanting to return to some mythical past golden era which is no more sensible than suggesting we are trying to return to our teens. In a nutshell and for reasons it would not be helpful now to recite, my view is that the lesser of two evils is Brexit notwithstanding no imminent sunny uplands.

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