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The Article makes depressing reading. I can hardly credit that the judge made the naive comments quoted, and highlighted by David Crawford, but those sentiments seem to have infected many unchallenged judgments in the past.
Whilst one has to be vigilant, the determined fraudster will always find a way.
There was a case locally where a tenant changed his name by deed poll to that of his landlord. He was able to produce photo ID and all the necessary documents linking himself to the property. How can anyone guard against that sort of deception?
As the guarantor of the tilte, perhaps the Land Registry needs to take a more pro-active stance. It could check signatures on receipt of all applications. It could insist on ID1s for every transaction, and keep a database. Would it work? Would it be reasonable to allow conveyancers to check such a database before acting?
How about ID theft protection insurance for ALL transactions. How much would it cost? probably no more than 10 or 20 pounds, but would the client be prepared to pay?

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