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"...The claim was based on an alleged failure by the firm to seek an undertaking from the purported seller’s solicitors that it had taken reasonable steps to establish its client’s identity. ... A claim for negligence against Mishcon, as well as all claims against the buyer’s solicitors, failed.

The buyer is left with a mortgage for a property they have no right to and may seek to recover losses from professionals involved in the transaction. ..."

I think someone else on here commented about this, but when I did what little Conveyancing I needed to do, to qualify, you had to give and receive undertakings from Solicitors to redeem Mortgages.

In the Law Society final s notes I recall that was one of the flags attached to pre completion steps / requisitions (written), please confirm that an undertaking will be given in the usual form of the Law Society Council that all mortgages will be redeemed on completion.

Was that not done here?

I would be surprised. Mission De Reya are a very experienced firm. The only take their trainees from Oxbridge and Public School and such people are very very intelligent.

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