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The problem is and always will be the Banks
It never surprises me after 50 years in the law and having seen our indemnity fund wiped out that Banks have no responsibility whatsoever in ensuring the honesty of their clients.They happily allow crooks to run Bank Accounts without even considering the possibility of Money Laundering requirements that we have to go through.We are informed practically everyday about various scams whereby some person or Company have arranged to transfer money on some scam yet the Bank that has received the money and thus acting on behalf of the Fraudster has no liability whatsoever at the moment.This could be the next PPI clain bonanza. This particular case of course is a nonsense and the receiving Bank should be made a party to any proceedings.The problem of course will be our Insurers who are tied in to the Banking system and thus would not encourage claims to be made ensuring that the Buck stops at the Solicitors door.

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