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"the 'every claim is fraudulent' bandwagon the insurance companies have been peddling for years."
Yes, the insurers are happy to be fraudsters, too. A personal, recent example: At a mini-roundabout, I slowed and continued. A car was coming from the opposite direction (so, to the right of me as I was to it) and arrived just after me. It swung right, slightly over the centre spot, I braked and it hit my right wing (which seem to be made of plastic nowadays). I got out and went over to the car, whose elderly lady driver needed sticks to walk when she got out to take a photo. When I carefully moved my car, her bumper seemed merely to have a mark on it, while my wing had a dent.
I put in a claim (the approved repairer quoted nearly double what the local garage I use did). My insurer said her insurer had not had a claim but since she was to my right, I should have given way and their expert assessor held me at fault, so I must pay the excess. I thought/think this was outrageous and queried what rationale was the expert using - no response. Though the amount is relatively small, I on principle complained to the Ombudsman and am awaiting the result, but my breath was again taken away by the Ombudsman's investigator telling me that, in the end, the Ombudsman's office would not be able to force the insurer to do anything - and there was I thinking that that's what they were there for! I'm not a lawyer but I gather from these pages that it's something your Regulator is very ready to do.

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