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Well said Anon at 9:18.

I'm just about to part with £4k for a bathroom conversion. After that nearly £15k for a new kitchen.

I was very impressed when the fitter asked for evidence of my ID for AML purposes and then presented me with an 8 page Terms of Business, immediately flagging to my attention my right to complain to various bodies should i be dissatisfied and he even pointed out the 'cut' that Check a Trade were taking .

He got a bit hot under the collar when he pointed out that it was mandatory for him to carry incredibly expensive professional indemnity insurance and that he felt it was a bit of a cartel, as he was in such a straight jacket.

He asked if I'd mind completing 'yet another pointless questionnaire' about the diversity of units he'd offered, but was horrified at how much time this was all taking him.

He told me there was another fitter down the road who had been at the job for 30 years and had a great reputation, unfortunately though, he'd put a unit door on the wrong way and the FFUA (Fitters F=%$ You Over Authority) had struck him off !!

'Its bloody hard out there making a living' he told me and wondered how he'd ever get out.

I said I couldn't believe he had all this red tape as I was only spending £20k !!

Thank god i'm only a Solicitor....

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