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Anon @ 13.39, the answer to your last question is absolutely nothing!

The whole process of budgeting done properly, and to avoid subsequent duplication of work, involves billing costs to date as if preparing a full bill now, whilst also being able to break down the costs in order to satisfy the requirements of the new revised CPD5; and then for future costs, lick your finger and stick it in the air.

No time or cost is saved. Under the old system, a party knew that if they took an approach that was unreasonable, speculative, a dead end or in some way going to cause more work, they would pay more costs. Estimates were provided along the way to give them an idea of what they faced, but ultimately they would be able to have an itemised breakdown of the costs, and challenge them where reasonable/necessary in order to not overpay. It wasn't broken, so why they ever fixed it I will never know!

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