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Irwin Mitchel is a firm that does High Street work. What we need to know is how they are managing to make a meaningful profit out of things like immigration, duty solicitor, personal injury, residential conveyancing, boundary disputes, benefits advice, etc.

How much are they losing on consumer complaints, whether those complaints are settled in-house or get as far as the Legal Services Ombudsman?

How do they deal with professional negligence allegations, whether settled in-house or get as far as the County Court and High Court?

I suspect that the firm's sheer size allows them to self-insure, and, if I am right, that has massive implications for many a High Street firm in the country. I know that whilst Irwin Mitchel appears to be doing OK in Sheffield, many a firm, of all sizes from small to large, in South Yorkshire has gone under.

People can forget about probate getting them out of a financial hole in the future. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales has asked that it become a front-line regulator for notaries in England & Wales. The Legal Services Board has approved the application, and the application is now with the Lord Chancellor / Minister of Justice. The application isn't about notarising documents for use abroad. that application is about being able to do probate on the same basis as solicitors.

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