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I recently carried out a leasehold survey with the members of the Bold Legal Group (BLG). As a result I am as sure as one can be, that most firms point out the situation re ground rents. Prior to exchange of course. The question in some instances may be, was the advice timely enough and clear enough?

I have recently met homeowners who say they were not “fully informed”. However, none have so far shown me what advice they received. Surely every potential case must be looked at individually. There will be a trail of emails, letters and phone calls that should prove, one way or another, if the advice given was sufficient.

Whilst I sympathise with anyone not advised “fully”, I think (and hope) this will turn out to be a storm in a tea cup. Having said this, I know many firms are now, sensibly, reviewing their procedures.

We have recently obtained Counsel’s opinion on whether a long leasehold interest in a property at a premium with a ground rent of more than £250 (outside London) or more than £1,000 (inside London) now or in the future ("the Lease") would be an assured tenancy under s.1 of the Housing Act 1988. It makes for interesting reading.

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