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I must declare an interest as a panel solicitor for several home builders, but I have rarely read such ill informed twaddle in my life! Bad advice is bad advice and any solicitor who dispenses it should be dealt with accordingly by clients and regulators.

I have dealt with thousands of leasehold houses on the last few years and always advise my clients, in money terms, what the ground rent will be after 10 or 20 years. The escalators were based on RPI escalators rather than doubling. In my own personal experience, I have never come across sales and purchases with doubling escalators. I have also advised the lenders on the ground rent and never experienced an objections from them.

As always Rob Hailstone (13/9 @ 05:51) is spot on with his comments (and no, I do not have any relationship with Rob or the Bold Group, he just talks good sense), but Arthur Michael Robinson (12/9 @13:04), with whom I usually disagree, has precisely hit the nail on the head. This is just a case of the media trying to sensationalise a non-story and the parasites that plague our profession known as CMCs trying to drum up spurious claims by encouraging solicitors to turn on solicitors (as they have done with litigation settlements) to perpetuate the 'compensation culture'.

Surely, the SRA and the Law Society should be doing more to ban CMCs before they (by which I mean the CMCs) destroy what was once a noble and proud profession (although the SRA and Law Society are making a pretty good job of doing that themselves).

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