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I agree entirely with the article. It is a shame that the NAO didn't consider the wider issues - for example, the tables of 'Never Events', the numbers of which have remained static over the years, clearly demonstrating the NHS is failing to learn from its errors.

It is also a shame that they did not take into account their conduct and delays in litigation and also the conduct and delay in dealing with costs when they have to pay them, all of which only increases the amounts they have to pay in the end.

No one denies that the staff themselves try their best, but when they are overworked and underpaid, it is hardly surprising that the number of mistakes made does not go down.

Unless the NHS itself actually lives up to its promises to learn and not just pay them lip service and unless the Government lives up to its obligations to properly fund the NHS, there will always be high numbers of clinical negligence claims, but there should also always be redress for those harmed.

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