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What you all failed to understand regarding the laws of England, the law is for lawyer or layman. you don't have to be qualified to know law that comes with common sense and wisdom where we know what's is right and we know what wrong the gentleman who was convicted on 11 charges on Indictment his conviction is "unsafe"where his solicitor and barrister acting on his behalf did not act in his 'best interest' for these reasons;

No one count of the Indictment must charge the defendant with having committed one or more separate offences they must not over load the indictment with either to many defendants or to many counts in order to present the prosecution case furthermore;

The department that brought the charges against him was a non departmental bodies producing martial not authorised in law where it was a matter for the police authorities to investigate if an offence was committed

If the Solicitor and Barrister is defending and the Indictment is defective it is their duty to prevent their client from being convicted on that indictment if you don't notice the error your client maybe wrongly convicted it is a matter of professional negligence to fail to spot a patent defeat in an indictment.

Habeas Corpus is the structural mechanism to vindicate substantive right those provisions are not to check open Justice but a wise and provisions to issue it whenever anyone is restrained or detained they have the right to apply to the High Court of Justice to petition writ of habeas corpus from unlawful detention not authorised by law in accordance with the Habeas Corpus Act 1679 and 1816 back to personal freedom.

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