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"Lawyers have been told they can assume that the government will not push through whiplash reforms before October 2018,,,"

I wouldn't assume anything with this government and their relationship with the ABI. Case in point - the change in discount rate. It is well known that within two days of announcing the discount rate, the ABI had set up a meeting with the Chancellor and were pushing their agenda to change it back to more favourable terms for them.

If this government is serious about implementing the changes (and it appears that they are), these changes could come about at any time and without warning. Yes, there is a lot to sort out with Brexit, but if anyone thinks that there is just one team of lawyers/civil servants dealing with justice matters, then they are clearly mistaken. This will have been designated to someone, and that someone will have a "to-do" list.

Do not get content with the current status-quo. Do not rest on your laurels. We must prepare to fight and have our and our clients' voices heard. There is still time to influence the policy makers and the politicians, and we should be actively pushing our agenda, not allowing the ABI to push its own.

This will be a massive battle, but it is not a done-deal yet.

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