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Oh dear #2

The surgeon comment was obviously tongue in cheek. But then you're paying via tax and NI for surgeons to operate on other people. They should do it free obviously.

People don't need accountants or other trades people but they choose to use them and so they choose to pay for them. They don't need telephones or TVs, but they want them so they pay for them (and I do so love oral enquiries where people can't pay £50 a month yet can shell out £100 for 'phones and Sky).

If they have a car they HAVE to have insurance.

If you're in a crash and a claim is brought against you, your insurer normally appoints solicitors to fight the claim (I'm ignoring the situations where they simply pay up because it is cheaper).

Where solicitors are appointed the insurer pays their fees. yes those fees are pitifully low but they are still paid for the work they do. So, insurers pay for legal services out of the money you pay for your policy.

Soooo, if you need legal representation, do it yourself then tell your insurer to repay the premium by the amount you've saved them. Simples (as those oh-so-loveable meerkats say).

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