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This result is hardly new, so it is unsurprising. Nor should it worry anyone. Any fool can predict case outcomes from historical data and you don't even need specialist software, just download R and play with it - conduct precludes me from saying more. What does worry me, and should worry the nation, is how much money will be wasted by the MoJ on software that does nothing useful in respect of law or helping to decide court cases.

Remember: the final breakthrough in AI is just round the corner, and always has been. I was studying it in the 1970s, and building expert systems since the 1980s, and I'm sure I was just as sure of it then as I'm sure I'm sure of it now. All good fun (disclaimer: I now build such software in the legal context, but not to help decide or predict cases which would be insane...)

(pity about all the category mistakes...)

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