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Mr Maloney, I am sure what I'm about to say will enrage you considerably. Nevertheless, I still cannot understand why a person would have voted to leave the EU in the first place, yet alone, seeing the problems that vote is creating, would still want to do so. I heard no persuasive arguments for leaving before the vote, and I've heard none since. The whole thing is a ghastly mistake. It's a great pity no one in any position of power in the country is prepared to have the humility to admit it, and to pull out of the article 50 notice.

It is not just a question of 'it's the economy, stupid'. I am retired now, but in my later years in practice, the field I was in was one where EU jurisprudence had a lot of influence. I can say unequivocally that its effects on those particular areas of law was thoroughly beneficial and a great improvement on what, if anything, had preceded its influence.

More fundamentally, though, we should be working with our neighbours, co-operating and collaborating with them, not insulting them, nor imagining that we are better than they are or in some way special or different.

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