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The signs are there! We are moving ever closer to a deal and that can only be a good thing. Thankfully we are now only going to pay a modest sum to cover the committments we made and we should be thankful for that. €40 to €50 billion is in real terms peanuts.

We will have many years to pay this sum which can easily be raised by increasing income tax.

The real Brexit dividend will come when Labour win the next election. Brexit will make Labour policy easier to implement. Nationalising the railways, water, utilities, post office and hopefully banks would have been enormously difficult with the ECJ looming over this wonderful proposal. The taking back into public ownership of these assets will greatly increase the possibility of us making a sucesses out of Brexit and strengthen the post Brexit economy.

We will no longer be threatened by an all EU taxation policy, that wll give Labour the legroom it needs for progressive taxes and allow the new socialist government the opportunity to zap the rich, that is what most people who voted to leave voted for after all.

We do not need to worry about employment rights. Labour will abolish the anti-trade union laws and make employee rights the responsiblity of the unions as they should be. No rogue employer will threaten our rights with the threat of wildcat strikes hanging over them. The unions did a great job of maintaining proper industrial relations in the 1970's before EU rule took over.

The people of Britain have spoken, the next time they speak Jeremy Corbyn will be our PM. A politician who will take the right steps to make Brexit a success. That is what the people of Britain voted for

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