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A highly sexist article demonising men as vile predatory creatures – oh the irony given that it was about sexism. You’d think your typical law firm was a zoo of male predators to read this. Some of the most shockingly sexist behaviour I have seen in offices has come from female staff. Where was the balance? Why when the gender-pay gap is discussed is there never any mention of the fact that it has been strongly debunked as a myth?

Actual sexual harassment is abhorrent. But now the most innocent or normal of behaviour could be perceived as harassment – and it will.

What a tragedy that complimenting a female on her new hair cut could land you in trouble.

What a tragedy that that the woman in the office who calls people “dear” could find herself in trouble.

What a tragedy that giving someone a caring hug could land you in trouble.

What a tragedy that men and women will be too scared to form what could have been a long-term meaningful relationship, because the man was too frightening to show any interest.

What a tragedy that office banter has to stop because one delicate person is offended by everything.

Think that is overstating things? We live in an era when third-wave feminists have even demonised the fact that men sit with their legs apart for comfort, calling it man spreading. We live in an era when in the Australian parliament a female member cried victim by citing man-splaning – much to the condemnation of everyone else there.

First-wave feminists have spoken out strongly against this approach in the USA, because women are being made out to be the most fragile of creatures is need of constant protection. I repeat: actual sexual harassment is abhorrent. But in an era when the most basic of male behaviour has been demonised by third-wave feminist, men should all be worried.

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