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Political correctness is now doing more to damage feminist ideals than anything else. If we continue to indulge these brain dead millennials who have no idea what “harassment” really means, we are actually doing a great disservice to all of women kind. The issues will become trivialised, because of so many simply stupid claims of sexual harassment, which distract from those that are genuine. I thank god I am self-employed, because coming from a Latino background, most of my interactions with colleagues will now be considered as sexual harassment.

I open the door for women, and give up my seat on the tube if I see one standing. I call all women “darling”, and some men, if they talk to me when I am busy and engrossed in what I am doing, and I just don’t the notice the difference. When I meet female colleagues I kiss them, in a continental way, at least twice, once on each cheek, and I also kiss men the same way, if we are close friends or family. I tell female colleagues that they look good, or I like their dress / suit/ shoes/ tattoo. I will continue to take time out to comfort a female colleague if I see she is upset by the day’s events, and continue to provide a comforting fatherly shoulder to a sobbing twenty something, male or female (it happens).

The current sexual harassment hysteria will not change me, or how I interact with people, and don’t let it change you either. I have employed many people in the past, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Jew, black, white and all shades in between and frankly treat them all with equal compassion, and at times equal distain. Maybe I am in a minority, but in a typical day I am just too busy to see colour or worry about ethnic or religious origin, and certainly have no time to consider anything sexual, harassment or otherwise. Sorry for the rant. People are people, don’t trivialise the issue, as the future is a segregated workplace. The uncomfortable truth is that in a small firm, younger women employees find it hard to get on as it is, because of the perception that at some point starting a family may become more important that work. This type of hysteria will make smaller firms think twice about employing young women and when they do, they may become isolated and segregated from their male colleagues, and miss out on that “collegiate environment”.

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