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Just seen your post, Anon. I seem to have touched on a sensitive nerve. It's true I assumed that Mike Buck was a real name, seeing no reason why it shouldn't be; but then I also stated that this was an assumption, thereby leaving open the possibility that the commenter might be using a pseudonym. Do you have any grounds for assuming otherwise? We all make assumptions. You, for example, have assumed that I imputed middle-class morality to yourself, whereas in fact I ascribed it to your comment and not your person. I wouldn't presume to assume anything about you personally, though you seem to have made a great many assumptions about me. But let me make one exception. From your tone of voice and mode of logic I would assume that you voted "Remain" on the glorious 23rd June. Now, please, do fail to resist the urge to respond just once more and tell me - Have I guessed (assumed) right?

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